Focus Despite Distractions

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Posted: December 14, 2011

Police officers require laser like focus and concentration despite a vast array of distractions and activities demanding their attention.

When I was younger, my friends father worked for a local police force allowing me the opportunity to obtain an up close look at the cockpit of a police cruiser. If you have ever had this opportunity (hopefully from the front seat), you will find a vast array of equipment positioned in a compact space, allowing the officer to manage a diverse range of activities in an effective and efficient fashion.

Managing a business, department or division requires a similar ability to maintain focus despite numerous distractions. The key to rapidly and effectively implementing business decisions is in maintaining a view of critical information, metrics and tools.

Consider your surroundings similar to those of a police cruiser; compact and restricted, thereby forcing you to manage only information that is most critical making rapid and accurate business decisions.

Less clutter and the right tools will improve your focus, discipline and effectiveness.

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