How Do I Really Get My Employees to Care?

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Posted: June 15, 2016

We had a great question come in this week for the second edition of “Saturday Morning Soapbox” – my new Periscope talk everyone Saturday at 9am EDT.

How do I really get my employees to care about my customers?

A great question many leaders I’m sure are wondering!

Well, you have start always with – what’s in it for them? What’s in it for your employees relative to better serving your customers?

You see, there tends to be targets and goals relative to how quickly employees can satisfy a call, or serve a customer, which leads to the “caring” component being thrown to the waste-side.

[Tweet “The metrics we use create an environment where employees don’t want to better serve customers.”]

They are just concerned with getting to the next call or the next customer.

This creates monotony, boredom and negativity: all the things you don’t want in relation to customer experience.

So how can you fix this? Take 5 minutes and listen to my Periscope talk!

I have some great tips you can employ in any businesses to help bring the “care factor” back to the customer experience.

You can listen below…

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