Why You Don’t Need an Employee Engagement Survey!

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Posted: June 13, 2016

Have you ever done an employee engagement survey?

If you have, my guess is that you ended up with piles of information and feedback. Most of which was either unclear, overwhelming, or a combination of both.

[Tweet “There is no way that I know of, to obtain employee feedback electronically.”]

(Despite what the organizations who sell such solutions might tell you…)

In this brief video, I share some specific approaches that I’ve used with clients to obtain employee feedback, and more importantly, to engage employees in making their workplace more desirable.

Want to learn more?

Take 3 minutes and watch this video.

The return on your investment of time will be tremendous.

Don’t think that an employee engagement survey is going to solve any problems.

All they will do is provide you data.

Rather then combing through data, try connecting with employees directly to understand their concerns and frustrations.

If you want another reason why you should avoid surveys, read this post!

The results might surprise you!


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