Sales is a Team Sport (How to Keep it That Way!)

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Posted: April 2, 2021

Sales is a team sport. It requires everyone to be working together in support of the customer.

Sounds obvious, but apparently it’s not.

Many of the businesses I consult with haven’t figured this out.  Instead, each department has its own role and its own performance measures. Operating on an island of their own, in isolation of others.

  • Marketing rarely interacts with sales (other than blaming them for not closing leads).
  • Customer Service works alone, periodically pointing the finger at Sales for setting unachievable expectations.
  • Operations or Production work to meet delivery targets and customer expectations.

But where is Sales in all of this?

Why aren’t these departments working together and collaborating in support of the customer? After all, if we want to accelerate sales, don’t we need to put our heads together?

These are all key to being proactive in sales.

Sales is a Team Sport

In this episode of the Sell More with Casemore podcast, I discuss exactly how to overcome these gaps.

Listen in, and then let me know your comments below:

Whether your company is large or small, if you want to generate sales you need everyone rowing in the same direction.
Everyone needs to recognize that Sales is a Team Sport.
Here are a few questions to determine whether your team is working together:
1. Do you have weekly meetings between Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service?
2. Do you have a customer onboarding plan that includes all key departments?
3. Are you ensure communication flows both up and down the team in support of customer needs?
If you want to accelerate sales, you need to recognize sales is a team sport, and then put a structure into place to ensure the team plays together.
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