How to Sell More With Your Secret Salesforce [in 2024!]

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Posted: January 6, 2020

Sell More Using Your Secret Salesforce

Over the holidays, my two boys spent a day going door to door collecting empty bottles and cans for a bottle drive, their contribution to their hockey team’s upcoming tournament.

Initially, only my oldest was going to go door to door, but his younger brother decided to join him along with a friend.

I’ve never seen so many empties in my life, and after they visited only a few houses.

I was reminded of the power of teamwork.

They actually went to the homes, collected the bottles, and returned them to our garage all in under an hour.

It’s that same concept I help many entrepreneurs and small business owners use to quickly and consistently increase their sales.

I call it using your “Secret Salesforce”.

Secret Salesforce


Because hiring salespeople is difficult and keeping them is sometimes near impossible.

You simply need to engage the people around you who have knowledge of your business and have interest in your business.

Most importantly they need to interact with both existing and potential customers, either directly or indirectly (or both)!

What Do I Mean By “Engage”?

Show them who your ideal customers are and help them understand what to do when they encounter one.

Demonstrate the power of “wowing” your customers, either existing or new.

More importantly, show them how they personally can support an impressive experience for your customer.

Use them to promote your company, your brand, your products or services.

The ability to quickly increase your sales is right at your fingertips.

All you need to do is connect with the people who work in or support your business, then educate them on how they can contribute to its growth.

That’s the power of engaging your Secret Salesforce!


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Secret Salesforce

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