Social Selling Strategy

Are you trying to use social media to sell more?

Finding it difficult to convert a connection on social media to a sales call?

Have you invested time to build a network but not sure what to do next?

We’ve been helping sales professionals and their teams introduce effective social selling for years. Our approach enables teams to use social selling as a way to fill their pipeline with new and qualified leads that easily convert to sales.

The key is in approaching social selling strategically; being clear on your objectives and determining the shortest path to success.

Our approach to introducing social selling includes addressing the following five elements:


Identifying your most effective social channels.


How to build a social network that converts.


The four steps to move from connection to sales conversation.


Closing a social sale (what you need to know).


How to build a automated social referral network.

If you or your team are trying to introduce social selling that converts, click below and let’s setup a time to chat.