Social Selling Strategy.

Are You Selling with Social Media?

If you sell, then chances are you or your sales team are selling on social media. The real question is whether they use social media effectively, by way of a social selling strategy.

Welcome to social selling, incorporating social media into your sales strategy as a method to help you find, attract, convert, and close new business.

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We’ve been helping sales professionals and sales teams introduce effective B2B social selling for nearly a decade. Our approach enables teams to use social selling to fill their pipeline with new and qualified leads that quickly convert to new sales.

Our typical social selling strategy clients:

  • Get found by ideal prospects with an increased SSI Score (Social Selling Index).
  • Gain clarity on when and how to incorporate social media to accelerate the sale.
  • Increase sales from social media activities that are otherwise untapped.
  • Incorporate LinkedIn as their secret B2B sales weapon for new business.

Our approach to introducing social selling includes addressing the following five elements:


Identifying your most effective social channels.


How to build a social network that converts.


The four steps to move from connection to sales conversation.


Closing a social sale (what you need to know).


How to build an automated social referral network.

How to build an automated social referral network.

We can help you use social selling strategically, get clear on your objectives and determine the shortest path to social sales success.

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