Success and the two “R’s”

Shawn Casemore • 2 Comment
Posted: October 31, 2013

Personally I have found that there are two key ingredients to success, regardless of the desired outcome…

Resolute and Resilience.

For the Boston Red Sox to win the 2013 world series the entire team had to resolve to win the series despite the talent and pressure from the Cardinals, and remain resilient despite any losses or setbacks.

For Bethany Hamilton to take first place at the N.S.S.A. National Surfing Championships despite having her right arm severed at the shoulder when she was 13, she needed to resolve that her impairment would not have a detrimental impact on becoming a champion, and she had to remain resilient despite being forced to find an alternate means to balance.

Stephen King’s first novel was rejected 30 times… I think you get the picture.

Whether individually or as a team, achieving our desired outcomes requires we resolve to win and we are self motivated to be resilient despite the challenges and obstacles that may present themselves.

Are you resolved and resilient or distracted and fragile?

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