Increase Sales: 12+ Low Cost (or No Cost!) Ways to Boost Sales

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Posted: November 6, 2019

Often there are little things that can be done to increase sales, without investing a lot of time or money.

Of course, how each idea is integrated, and the degree to which it is effective will depend on the type of business you are in.

increase sales tips

Increase Sales: What Have You Got to Lose?

That said, if even one of these twelve ways to increase your sales would bring more business, then not introducing them is like throwing away free money.

Before I get started, I would suggest a couple of things.

First off, there are no bad ideas, just a dismissive mindset.

Try not to think of this list as a “go” or “no-go” list of ideas, but rather a “how can I make this idea work in my business?” list.

In addition, I’d recommend printing this list off and then taking some time when you have a few moments to go through it.

Just glancing down this list when you are trying to do thirty other things isn’t going to yield any creative strategies for how to go about introducing the ideas.

Increase Sales: 12+ Options That Won’t Blow Your Budget

1. Hire someone to represent your company and pay them a commission.

2. Ask some people in your niche who have a significant social media following to do a review of your product in return for some freebies.

3. Attend a trade show and as you walk the floor, offer free samples or swag (that represent your company’s products) to those you pass by.

4. Offer your employees incentives to bring you new customers.

5. Present incentives to your vendors to bring you new customers.

6. Offer your customers a discount on their next purchase for each new referral that leads to a new sale or customer.

7. Identify the most common products your customers buy, and every time they make a purchase, offer them an additional product to purchase (think Amazon).

8. Create a Facebook business page and (after sharing valuable content to help your customers for at least a week) offer everyone who makes an initial purchase a discount off of their second purchase (or ongoing purchases).

9. Create a LinkedIn page to showcase your products. Follow the same approach as with Facebook (add tips, share articles, then every two weeks offer a promotion of your product).

10. Reach out to your existing customer list and offer a prize to the first ten customers who recommend a new customer.

11. Hold an open house at your facility offering free coffee and donuts. Call the event a “customer appreciation day”.

12. Partner with a vendor to hold an open house at their facility. Set up a booth and offer demonstrations of your product and its benefits.

Bonus Idea: Get a magnetic sign for your car!

If you have a car, try getting some magnetic signs for your vehicle(s).

Instead of a phone number, put “Text me at (555) 555-5555 for information on how we can help you to (insert your offer here).”

As I mentioned earlier, I realize that not all of these ideas are valid for every business.

However, pick at least three ideas from this list and determine how you can best integrate them into your business to generate more sales.




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If even one of these twelve ways to increase your sales would bring more business, then not introducing them is like throwing away free money.

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