Unstoppable Selling™.

Introduce Unstoppable Selling™ in Your Company

If you want an entire overhaul of your sales process and methods, then Unstoppable SellingTM might be for you.

After nearly two decades of working with dozens of industries and sales teams, I’ve developed a proven method for generating predictable sales growth. I wrote extensively about the process in my sales and business book, The Unstoppable Sales Machine.

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Introducing Unstoppable SellingTM is an intensive redesign and deployment of your sales methods and systems. Think of it like rebuilding the engine on your car.

The key stages we work through are:


Pursue Ideal Customers

Stop chasing every inquiry that comes your way! Instead, be strategic about who your ideal customers are, identifying the best ways to get in front of them.


Interrupt and Add Value

Over 50% of buyers today spend time researching BEFORE they engage with Sales. Use strategies to interrupt your ideal buyers’ research.


Meet Buyers in Real-Time

Buyers expect responsiveness. Meet your buyers when and where they want to connect. Engage with them online, in-person when and where they expect you to be.


Apply the RUSH Model

Required value BEFORE engaging.
Unexpected value WHEN they engage.
Significant value ONCE they invest.
High value AFTER they’re a customer.


Set Qualification Hurdles

Use micro-questions throughout the buyer journey to flush out any buyer that is not ideal.


Rocket Fuel Referrals

Introduce Rocket Fuel Referrals to rapidly increase and multiply new referrals without effort.


Evangelistic Customers

Introduce automated feedback loops to continue improving each new customer’s experience.

With this proprietary approach, we’ll elevate your sales to an entirely new level, eliminating your erratic sales cycles and replacing them with repeatable, predictable sales revenue.

With our proprietary approach, we’ll elevate your sales to an entirely new level. We’ll eliminate your erratic sales cycles and create repeatable, predictable sales revenue.