We’ve been working with CEOs and Executives to help them grow their business for over a decade. Our expertise is in the acceleration of growth with and through your employees, ensuring rapid and sustained growth. Our philosophy is that all employees have a direct and indirect impact on customers, both existing and potential. By educating employees on the impact they and their role has on the customer, we help create an environment where all employees act as if they were owners of the business.

We don’t specialize in one area such as Marketing, Sales or Social Media, but bring about strategies that tap into the existing knowledge of employees, creating a more collaborative approach to meeting and exceeding customer and prospect needs. Our approach involves three phases:

Customer Intelligence

What are customers seeking that you aren’t able to offer? Why might they use a competitors products or services? Our approach involves collecting customer intelligence that in turn will support building a long-term growth strategy.

Employee Empowerment

By working with employees across the organization, we build recognition and alignment around how to best serve customers, both existing and potential. In addition to creating recognition and alignment, we introduce methods and practices to empower employees to take rapid action in order to capitalize on customer needs.

Customer Innovation

In order to ensure existing and potential customer needs are satisfied, we engage key suppliers in the marketplace to partner with and support the development and introduction of products and services that continue to satisfy customer desires into the future.



In order to bring you the result you want to see, we use the principles of Hoshin Kanri: Organizational structure, process effectiveness, and performance measures.

Strong strategies set up for success include employee engagement, empowerment and commitment. They also include clear measures of success so you know when you’ve achieved your vision, or where you currently stand.

We help organizations identify the most effective structure to achieve their strategic direction by first, focusing on ensuring the company’s roles are filled by the right people with the right skill-set.  Then we design the most effective processes and select the right technology to deliver on strategic objectives. Having the right process supported by the right technology ensures productivity remains high. Finally, we identifying the right milestones and measures to track success is crucial to ensuring the drivers behind the strategy are achieved.

We work closely as your accountability partner to ensure your business, its leaders and its employees are aligned and on track to deliver your strategic objectives.

Executive and Team Development

Executive Consensus

Building consensus and alignment around the vision for the future of the organization is critical to longterm success. We help CEOs and Boards build stronger alignment through collaborative approaches that have been proven to overcome conflict and capitalize on individual ideas and experience. Our approaches are complimentary to any executive retreat, and we are often engaged as a pre-cursor to strategy formulation. We’ve been retained for our executive and team development approaches by Fortune 500 companies, privately held businesses and even not-for-profits.

Team Development

Creating the alignment and momentum through employees in pursuit of business objectives is a critical component to success, whether in pursuit of business growth or in the formulation of strategy. Our development experiences are not team building events, but collaborative sessions in which we introduce and support the application of new skills and expertise that strengthen the teams ability to make faster and more effective decisions.

Our team development approaches have been used to enhance leadership capabilities; to introduce employee suggestion programs; to minimize reduce conflict and dissension amongst teams and to develop a community of like minded and focused individuals.

Leadership Succession

When you start a business, succession is inevitable. You’ll someday have to transition the business. Without the right plans and preparation the transition can be the beginning of the end. But it doesn’t have to be.

We help business owners and their families design and agree upon succession plans that define a future to be proud of.


Productivity and Profitability Improvement

Business processes are the roadmaps to profitability. When business performance is lagging behind expectations, it’s crucial that processes are examined for three fundamental elements: design, value, and comprehension.

Are processes designed to achieve desired outcomes as quickly as possible? Do the processes deliver recognizable value to the customer and the business? Are employees engaged in using the processes as they were intended?

We assess, design and introduce business processes that achieve desired outcomes quickly and effectively, engaging staff in the process. We do this by employing practices such as Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement to ensure processes achieve the desired outcomes.

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