Leadership agility for increased success

Are the leaders in your organization agile enough to support and sustain business growth? With the rapid pace of change, ever escalating customer expectations and shifts in workforce diversity, it is even more crucial than ever before for business leaders to be agile.

What is leadership agility? It’s the ability to react, respond and adapt to ever shifting customer and cultural aspects of business evolution.

In this brief video I discuss the components of leadership agility and how to form greater agility in your leadership team. This is the first video in a 3 part series I entitled “Empowered Leadership” that I will be posting over the next several weeks, so stay tuned to learn more about building an empowered leadership team.

Question: Are your leaders agile? If so, are they agile enough to adapt and respond to the continued changes in your business?

If you want more information on agile leadership, listen to our recent podcast on the “Attributes of an agile leader.”

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