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How to Increase Your Team Performance

Both of my boys have become avid hockey players at the young ages of five and seven. One thing I’ve noticed throughout their progression in the sport is that the team performance is only as good as their worst players. Sure there is the odd superstar that is guaranteed to score a goal on every shift, but they can’t be playing all the time. Sooner or later the skills and speed of the slower players tend to hold the team back.

The same holds true in teams at work. A team of any size or stature can only perform to the best ability of it’s weakest members. In order to improve the level of productivity and performance of a team, leaders must first seek to understand who the less productive members are, and what factors are influencing their productivity. This is a significant component of the Team Performance Funnel. To learn more about the TPF and how to improve the productivity and performance of your team, watch this week’s video.

When you’re done, contact me and let me know which of these obstacles are most prevalent to your team. Better yet, let’s set set up a time to discuss how to elevate your team’s performance level.

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