I spent enough time during my corporate career sitting through boring presentations to recognize the challenge that exists in finding the right speaker. I’ve sat through dozens of training sessions and conferences and experienced a variety of speakers, some were good, but most were boring. I came to realize that the success of an event relies on a speaker that is able to achieve three things:

  • Bring insights and ideas that the audience can connect with
  • Present in a fashion that engages the audience
  • Provide the audience with pragmatic takeaways that will improve their world

I began speaking professionally in 2008 and since that time I’ve invested considerable time and effort to create compelling and valuable talks that engage audiences and create a catalyst for change. I’m truly passionate about speaking and my hope is that this page will provide you all of the information you need to make your next event a success.

What you can expect

  • Rapid response to your emails and telephone calls.
  • Direct one on one contact with me, not someone from my team.
  • A professional talk, built around your specific objectives to achieve the outcomes you desire.
  • I will announce and promote your event (if you desire) through my blog and social media channels
  • Custom videos, podcasts and any other resources I can provide to help you promote and prepare for your event, to engage your audience in advance of the session, ensuring a successful catalyst of change.
  • A follow-up after the session to ensure your objectives were met.

Popular Topics

Empowering Performance Through People

Since the industrial revolution we’ve built companies using an archaic model that originated in the military. Consider for example that the structure, strategy and operation of most organizations today is built around a top-down approach to motivating and managing employees. Unfortunately unless you are in the military, this inverted approach to operating a business is nothing more than a path to diminishing profits and lack luster performance.

Empowering and Motivating Multi-generational Workforce

Never before have we been faced with such generational diversity in the workplace. With the number of millennials in North America joining the workplace soon to surpass Generation X and Baby Boomers, we are poised for a distinct shift (or collision!) in how we interact, communicate, and work.

Empowering Customers: Capitalizing on Connections to Maximize Customer Value

Every client, customer, and member interacts with an organization or association through multiple channels. It is through these interactions that customers form their impression of whether the organization adds value, and the various forms within which they can receive that value. It is for this very reason that every conversation that our employees, board members and contractors have counts.

Empowering Leader: Increasing Employee Morale and Productivity

Leadership can be a daunting task. Balancing our own business and personal objectives while managing a team of unique individuals can be draining mentally and emotionally. With little time available to spend with staff, the real question becomes how can we get staff to do more, care more, and be present?

Empowering Your Brand: Building and Sustaining Market Distinction

Getting the most out of an employee is the single greatest challenge any CEO or business owner faces. Despite the best of intentions and effort, our ability to engage, motivate and manage employees can be overly complex and time consuming.

Self-Empowerment: Developing Resolve, Resilience and the Drive to Thrive

In today’s fast paced, high stress work environments it’s crucial to be clear on what success looks like for both ourselves, our clients and our organization. Achieving this clarity results from developing resolve, resilience and an internal drive. Although developing these traits are unique and personal to everyone, there are key distinctions in their development that are founded in becoming and remaining self-empowered. In this talk we discuss the origin of stresses in today’s workplace, and introduce proven methods to develop resolve, resilience and to create an internal drive that will propel us beyond our day-to-day issues formulating a clear vision and path to our desired future.

“I enjoyed Shawn's presentation and there are some very good take a ways I can apply at my workplace.”

Michael W. Spence • Q.A. & Facilities Manager B.C. Instruments July 22, 2016

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