Why Your Team Isn’t Creative

As a frequent flyer I spend a considerable amount of time on airplanes. Although many of us take flight for granted (how a Boeing 787 even gets off the ground is a miracle to me!), every successful flight requires a team effort. A great customer experience starts upon arrival at the gate and continues until exiting the plane at the final destination; requiring no less than dozens if not hundreds of people to make the experience a success.

During a recent flight back to Toronto I was unable to obtain a seat in first class so I politely asked the stewardess if I could have a pillow for my lower back (as I could see extra pillows in the overhead compartment at the front of the plane).

“I’m sorry sir, those are saved for our first class passengers – it’s company policy.”

Always one to pick my battles I let this go, or at least I’m still trying to…

The question I’d like you to consider is whether an abundance of policies and procedures are a good thing. On one hand they do promote consistency and safety, but there are some downfalls to consider.
In this week’s video I share how policies and procedures actually diminish creativity, the impacts this can have on your team and specifically what you can do to overcome this challenge to inspire team members to think outside the box.


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