Why Your Team Pushes Back on Change

Why Your Team Pushes Back on Change

Are you struggling with getting your people to accept change? Possibly you’ve introduced something recently that employees aren’t happy with or you’ve found that your employees push back on changes that seem inconsequential. If you’ve ever experienced this, you’re not alone.

I’ve learned that we can’t look at changes or initiatives that are introduced organizationally in isolation of one another. That’s why the historical view that employees transition through four stages when dealing with change is wrong. Changes, be they personal or professional actually stack one on top of one another and employees adapt as their personality, experience and perceptions of time and severity permit.

It’s for this very reason that some employees thrive in accepting and dealing with change, whereas others pushback on even the most minor changes introduced. The later group has a threshold for change that is less as a result of the degree to which the changes you’ve introduced actually stack in their lives at the present time.
In this week’s video I shed some light on why this stacking occurs, and more importantly what you can do as a leader to reduce employee disdain for change, creating a culture of collective anticipation and adoption of change.

Once you watch this video, send me an email and let me know your greatest employee challenges in adopting change. I’d be happy to share some additional strategies.

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