You Must Reflect in Order to Grow

You Must Reflect in Order to Grow

Have you taken time recently to reflect on your business success?

This can be a very powerful exercise if you include your team and reflect as a group upon the following three questions:

1. What have we learned in the past year that we can use to improve our products, services or efficiencies?

2. What changes or improvements should we introduce or pursue (i.e. enhancements or changes to existing products or services)?

3. How can we add more value to our customers experience of our products and services?

As your customers needs evolve and expand, you must in turn do the same in order to continue to remain relevant and valuable.

I should mention that this type of exercise isn’t meant to replace your existing business strategy but rather to enhance it. Taking opportunities to bring together your team in order to validate the timelines and relevance of your business strategy is always time well spent. Besides why would you want to wait for one year or even (gasp!) three years to see if your strategy is on track?

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