Are You Adding Value or Putting In Time?

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Posted: January 15, 2012

Business owners are busy, and seemingly so too are the employees who support them. How then can a business owner be assured that everyone is doing the right thing to move the business forward?

Here is a simple test.

Take a look at the “to do” list for any three administrative positions within an organization (i.e. Sales, Production, Accounting). If the items on their daily “to do” list do not directly or indirectly provide value to existing or potential clients, then waste exists.

To explain this in another fashion.

Value added activities = valuable results.

Valuable results = satisfied customers.

Satisfied customers = business growth.

Here is a quick diagram that represents the improvement that can be made through business process streamlining and alignment, removing waste and ensuring all activities focus on providing value to the customer.

  • On the left are a series of business activities, misaligned and creating output with little value for customers, clients or the business owner.
  • On the right is the result of effective business processes, creating value for customers and ultimately the business owner.

Have a look at your “to do” list today. Are you adding value, or simply getting things done?

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