Business growth starts with pleasing customers.

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Posted: March 25, 2012

Why do I write about customer service so often? Well, I am constantly surprised at the varying degrees of customer service within the same organizations, and the resulting impact customer service has on customer attraction and retention.

After buying my wife a new smartphone, I phoned our local internet provider technical support line to obtain assistance with network configuration. After two separate calls with two different individuals, I came away with two very different results. Here were the results:

Call with attendant #1:

  •  Impatient tone, sighing during our 2 minute discussion.
  • He asked that I repeat steps that I reassured him I had already completed.
  • He advised me that if I could not find the solution on my own, for him to resolve would be a significant exercise (both in his time and effort).
  • Lastly, he told me to call back if I could not resolve the problem.

Call with attendant #2:

  • Met with an upbeat positive tone.
  • The attendant confirmed whether I had taken certain steps, and did not hesitate to commence resolution himself.
  • He answered additional questions I posed about other issues I was having.
  • Finally, the issue was resolved including responding to my additional questions in less than four minutes.

If you want to maximize customer service, then shop the business. This is the only proven means by which to determine how your customers are being received and treated. Chances are, you might identify some weaknesses that if improved, will maximize customer attraction, retention and profits.

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