Collaborative Techniques to Engage Stakeholders

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Posted: October 5, 2011

I have received numerous inquiries following our post on Monday, as to successful techniques to build collaboration with both employees, as well as with external parties such as suppliers or customers.

Here are eight techniques which can be applied individually, or collectively, to build a collaborative environment:

1. Hold joint meetings with key stakeholders.

2. Ensure meetings are face to face (versus email or via telephone) where possible.

3. Visually demonstrate the value of collaboration (i.e. use examples, surveys, models).

4. Hold group brainstorming activities (i.e. problem solving, strategy development).

5. Use strategy retreats as a means to remove stakeholders from daily disruption to retain focus.

6. Develop and use collective decision making models.

7. Set goals and objectives as a team versus individually.

8. Be collaborative in developing and implementing processes.

Building collaboration is not a means to an ends, but a process that must continue into perpetuity. Continuous engagement will result in exponential results which in turn will improve both individual and business performance.

Can you afford not to collaborate?

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