Connect, Convince or Cajole

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Posted: September 26, 2013

Here are ten ways to increase your influence and persuasion to effectively connect with, convince or even cajole others…

1. Are you credible? Do you have a reputation that suggests you know what you are talking about?

2. How clear is your message? Will the other person understand your point?

3. Is your message attention getting or simply boring? How will it serve the needs or desires of the other person?

4. What’s the best time to have the discussion? Is the environment of the other person free from distractions?

5. Are you prepared for objections and rejection? Have you thought through how to overcome any push back?

6. What’s the best form of delivery for your message? Is it worth investing in face time?

7. How will you solidify an agreement? If (and when) you succeed in influencing the other person, how will you take quick action to solidify the agreement?

8. Do you have anything to offer? Reciprocity goes a long way to ensuring your success.

9. Is there someone or something you should take with you to support your case?

10. Do you appear passionate and convinced? If not, start by convincing yourself.

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