How to Create a Strong Sales Culture

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Posted: April 21, 2021

If you lead a sales team, you know how important it is to create a strong sales culture can be.

I’m not talking about getting your team to go for drinks together, but rather have a team of sales professionals that support one another.

Having a hard time closing a deal?

Finding it difficult to deal with a certain prospect?

Struggling to work well with inside sales?

All of these are common problems amongst the sales teams I train and coach. Fortunately these challenges can be overcome if you create a sales culture around sharing.

You see, most sales professionals are competitive. If they have a strategy to deal with a difficult prospect, the last thing they want to do is share.

By building a team that shares best practices, you elevate the performance of everyone on the team.

Most often without any additional effort.

Create a Sales Culture That Shares Best Practices

In this brief video I share exactly how you can get your sales team to start sharing their own best practices.

Watch and then use the questions below as a starting point for your own team.

Next Steps to Create a Strong Sales Culture

Now that you recognize the power of sharing, how can you introduce this into your team?

My recommendations are to use the NOW approach to sales leadership:

N ever let a team member share a success with you, without first sharing with the entire team.

O versee meetings and encourage sharing of weekly best practices.

W hen someone wins using an internal best practice, celebrate their success!

How can you get your team to start sharing their own best practices with one another?


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