9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Your Sales (in 2024!)

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Posted: April 22, 2021

Have you considered how artificial intelligence can increase your sales?

From recommendations on leads to follow up with, to prioritizing daily activities, AI can be a game changer when it comes to accelerating sales growth.

Many of my clients aren’t clear on what AI is, never mind how it can be used to increase sales.

So let’s start here.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans.

If a machine of some kind exhibits the kind of characteristics or traits that a human might, such as problem-solving, as a result it is considered to have (or contain) AI.

You’re already using AI in many of your daily tasks.

Every time you ask Siri or Alexa a question or tell them to do something, you’re using artificial intelligence.

Automated financial investing to virtual travel booking agents and social media monitoring are great examples of AI at work.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Used in Sales?

AI is a great tool to support improved prospecting rates and higher close rates and to drive overall productivity gains in sales.

However, it’s not about replacing your sales team with AI. It’s about using AI to make better decisions and to automate activities.

By using data, machines can learn and make forecasts and recommendations as to how sales agents or reps spend their time. The result can be a greater focus and higher levels of productivity.

AI truly is a way to move salespeople to work of higher value, rather than letting them act as order takers.

What Are the Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Sales?

AI can support both small and large sales teams, therefore helping to achieve several competitive advantages such as:

  • Forecasting of sales demand
  • Enablement of the sales team
  • Monitoring and making recommendations around sales team performance
  • Automating repetitive or simple sales tasks

The ability of AI to track information can be useful when it comes to reviewing historic data, making recommendations, and recognizing when the best time to contact a prospect is. In addition, AI can identify what the next step should be in the sales process.

Inputting data, tracking meetings, and setting reminders all take time. AI can automate these simple tasks.  It allows the sales team to focus their time and energy on more important activities.

Most sales professionals use instinct and experience to make their decisions. Although this can be effective, what can be more effective is the use of artificial intelligence as a means to identify when to take action. This removes the guesswork from selling.

Finally, AI can review data from a wide variety of past prospect or customer experiences, rather than just those of a single salesperson. This can lead to better decisions that can help to close more sales.

9 Examples of How AI Can Be Used in Sales

Here is a list of the most common applications of AI in sales:

  • Identify leads by analyzing lists using set criteria
  • Score leads for sales closing success based on past closing scenarios
  • Provide reminders and prompts for follow-up or next steps
  • Automate the input of data
  • Make recommendations on when to follow up with a prospect or customer
  • Interact with prospects or customers via email or chatbots
  • Create sales forecasts or predictions
  • Predict customer behaviour based on review of historical data
  • Identify pricing options based on review of competitors’ pricing

Curious about where AI might already be used today?

Here are some examples of artificial intelligence applications.  You can easily introduce these into your existing sales process to increase your capacity, productivity, and success:

Salesforce uses Einstein for making recommendations and predictions to users of its CRM software. You can learn more here: https://www.salesforce.com/ca/products/einstein/faq/

x.ai is software that can connect to your calendar and automatically prompt prospects to book a meeting on your behalf. You can learn more here: https://x.ai/

Clearbit Connect is an AI-powered software that scrapes the internet to find contact information. This is certainly useful for saving time when trying to connect with prospects. Learn more here: https://connect.clearbit.com/

LeadCrunch provides its users with highly targeted leads based on existing customer profiles. You can learn more about LeadCrunch here: https://leadcrunch.com/

Using Artificial Intelligence to Increase Your Sales

There are dozens of examples of AI software that can help increase your sales.

Any of these options can easily be introduced to your existing processes with little to no cost.

In fact, you might already be using AI in your sales processes and not even know it.

Most importantly, pick one of the above options and test it.

At a minimum, you’ll learn about new opportunities to introduce AI. At best, you’ll actually move to work of higher value while increasing your closing rates.

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