Delivering Perpetual Value

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Posted: January 23, 2015

How do you define the future value of what you offer? It is through thinking of the future that you can create perpetual value.

What Does Perpetual Value Mean To You?

When I think of offering perpetual value I think of a company like DuPont who has been around since 1802. Their sustainability as a company has been largely due to their ability to continuously shape and change their business in order to constantly offer relevant value to their customers.

Perpetual Value provides the opportunity for a business to sustain a profitable business model over an extended period of time. This is truly what every business needs.

What your customer’s value has evolved over the years, and the velocity of this evolution continues to increase.

Let’s start then by defining what I mean by “perpetual” value. My definition of the word perpetual means constant, never ending or evolving

If we connect this with the value you offer customers the question then becomes how will we create value that is never ending?

If you’ve read Steve Jobs’ biography, you may recall that he stated prior to his passing that products Apple was going to introduce 2 or even 3 years into the future were already in development.

How To Identify Your Future Value

Here is some questions to consider:

  • What value will you provide that attractive new customers or clients?
  • What NEW value will you offer to retain existing clients or customers?
  • What value will your customers value next year? What about in 5 years or even 10 years time?

So let me ask you – are you focused on creating and delivering future value that will be perpetual?

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