Ten Ideas to be More Productive

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Posted: July 15, 2015

Today I’ll discuss ten ideas that you can introduce into your life and business that will increase your productivity immediately!

During a recent talk to a packed room of enthusiastic but overwhelmed meeting planning professionals I discussed dozens of ways to increase individual productivity.

The talk went over so well that I decided it would be a great topic for today’s podcast – Episode 62 of Ideas with Impact…

Of course in this situation you are going to get 10 ideas with Impact!

Do you have a piece of paper and pen ready? If so, throw them away and listen carefully — because being productive begins with having focus.

Ready? Let’s Go!

  1. Set goals for yourself – monthly, weekly, daily. Monthly goals are big goals – what do you want to achieve this month; weekly goals are those that must be done to achieve your monthly goals and daily goals are those that include achieving your weekly goals and getting other stuff done that comes your way. A maximum of 3 in each category is the best way to start.
  1. Use Accountability as a tool. If you have a hard time staying accountable to yourself, then find support through a friend, co-worker or spouse. Help them to create rewards and punishments if you don’t hit your goals.
  1. Write down your goals daily. The problem with an electronic calendar is that it is typically not visible. This said using a day planner or sticky notes that you can keep in front of you and visible at all times is key if you are to remain focused on your goals.
  1. Increase your attention span. Fight the urge to attend to distractions and focus your attention. Begin my working on a single task for 15 minutes with a 5 minute break (to surf the web or grab a coffee) following. Slowly increase your “productive time” from 15 minutes to 30 minutes while retaining the 5 minute break.
  1. Decide “this time it WILL work.” As it’s been so famously said in the past – “you gotta wanna.” That is, in order to be productive you have to want to be. In order to create this dissonance you have to be clear on your drivers – why is it important to increase your productivity now?
  1. Change your work habits. I used to carry my phone with me everywhere, but you know what? There was no reason too. A phone (or email or texting) is a tool, which means you get it only when you need it. You don’t see carpenter’s wandering around all the time with a hammer in their hand do you?
  1. Shut off the noise. If you are trying to be productive you are doomed to failure if there are phones ringing, buzzers buzzing and other things dinging in the background. Noise is a distraction so limit it. Go buy some sound proof headphones if you have to.
  1. Manage your schedule. If meetings are being thrust at you on a continuum, then ask yourself why a meeting with yourself – to get things done – is less important? I actually schedule my productive time in my calendar so that (for those I share my calendar with) the time is blocked. My time is important and I treat it that way.
  1. Lamenting is lame. Do your most difficult things first, not last. If you wait you are only procrastinating which means you will come up with other excuses as to why you shouldn’t do them. What ever your priorities are, make sure you spend time on them at the beginning of the day, not the end.
  1. Start now. I don’t know what else to say here other than, just do it… Now.

So there you have it. Ten rapid fire ways to increase your productivity right now. Why not introduce some of these into your daily routine and watch your productivity soar!

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