How Influential Are You?

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Posted: December 14, 2012

Here is a subset of a much larger, more complex assessment on influence that I thought I would share. To determine your degree of influence, consider the following questions giving yourself a mark of 1 for each “yes,” and a 0 for a “no” response. Total up your scores and see where you rank.

1.Is your thinking clear and logical?
2.Do you provide evidence to support your views?
3.Are you generally good at bargaining and trading?
4.Can you assert your views without overwhelming people?
5.Do you accept others views easily when they oppose yours?
6.Can you easily engage in conversations with others?
7.Are you an excellent listener? Do you learn about others?
8.Can you easily engage others in problem solving?
9.Do others approach you for coaching and advice?
10.Can you bring diverse groups together to achieve a common goal?

Influential score: 1 – 3 (low)   4 – 7 (medium)   8 – 10 (high)

With this information in hand you are better positioned to determine how you might use or improve your influence skills. More on this in upcoming posts, stay tuned!

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