How to Build Your Sales Mindset (and Confidence!)

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Posted: January 21, 2021

If you sell, you’ve likely struggled at one time or another with how to build your sales mindset.

After all, to be effective you need to be upbeat, positive, and optimistic.

But have a few clients miss scheduled calls, or lose an important deal, and it can all come crashing down.

Heck, even a bad phone call on a rainy day (I hate rainy days) can send your mind off balance.

Before we talk about solutions to get your mind right, let’s start by describing exactly what a sales mindset is.

What Is a Sales Mindset?

When you sell, you need to be sharp.

There’s no half-assing your way to quickly building a relationship, sharing benefits of the product or service you’re selling, or dealing with objections.

You need to be positive and upbeat.

Confident of your abilities.

After all, your job is to help your customers.

But that’s where things can get a bit sketchy.

The pressures of work, with its deadlines and targets, combined with the challenges of your personal life, can sometimes work against you.

You must have a way to shake off all of the distractions and focus on one thing.

Your customer (or potential customer).

A sales mindset, then, is the frame of mind you place yourself in when you are going to speak with customers.

It’s a positive mindset, even when you aren’t happy.

A confident mindset, even when you aren’t so sure.

Above all, it’s a guilt-free mindset, when faced with push-back and objections.

Your sales mindset is something that can drive your sales to new heights.

But first you need to have one.

So let’s talk about developing your sales mindset.

How to Develop a Sales Mindset

When it comes to developing your sales mindset, there are several factors to consider, all of which can either support or hinder your progress.

Some salespeople find that a mantra is the best way to get into the right mindset.

In my experience, it goes much deeper.

The steps in getting your mind right begin with understanding your role.

As a salesperson, your role is to connect would-be customers with a solution.

Your solution.

You have what they need, they might just not know it yet.

More importantly you owe it to them (and yourself) to be able to properly convey your message.

What does this take?

Plenty of confidence, with a dash of clarity.

Be clear on why you are reaching out to customers, what you have to offer and how it will help and exactly why your customers need you now more than ever.

Use a mantra, meditation, or common sense.

None of these statements is far-fetched or a stretch of the truth.

You may have gotten into sales because you enjoy connecting with people.

It goes deeper than this, though. Having the right mindset results from practicing specific skills in how you interact with your customers.

Five Secrets of Highly Effective Sellers

Secret #1:

You are here to help. Your goal is always to help customers, even when they don’t realize they need help. Be prepared to explain this over and over again.

Secret #2:

Be clear in your intentions when you connect with others. Don’t start by trying to be a friend, only to turn around and attempt to sell them something. It’ll kill your credibility.

Secret #3:

Listen carefully. You can only learn what challenges your customers are facing if you listen. You can only clearly address objections if you hear them. Make sure to always listen carefully to your customers.

Secret #4:

Focus on that which you can control.

Regardless of whether a prospect is unreachable due to a family illness; if they decide they don’t need what you’re offering; or if they simply don’t want to talk right now, it’s okay.

You just need to focus on what you can control, which are your own actions and responses to your customers.

Secret #5:

Practice your language. When it comes to building rapport and making sales, it’s all about the language you use. The better you become at using the right language at the right time, the greater your chances of making a sale.

Build Your Confidence Through Action

Sales is about activity.

The more people you reach out to, the more likely you’ll find a qualified prospect.

The more times you attempt to close a sale, the more likely it is you will close.

Find what works, then do it over and over again.

Stay active.

The greatest killer of a sales mindset is lack of activity. Learn how to avoid a sales slump here.

Don’t let this bite you.

Some Tips to Help You Stay Active:

1. Set clear targets.

To stay active, you need to set targets. How many calls will you make this week? How many proposals will you issue? Clear targets help us to stay active and build the right behaviours.

2. Remember that speed sells.

In a day and age where everyone seems to be busy, keeping your customers as your top priority (and responding in a way that supports this objective) will help you sell. The first person to the well always gets the water.

3. Build relationships.

People buy because they have a need. Moreover, they buy from you because they believe you can fulfill that need. You need to constantly be building relationships for people to recognize that you can fulfill their needs. The more relationships, the better.

4. Become an expert in your offer.

Stay busy becoming an expert in what you sell. The more you know, the easier it will be to deal with objections that may come your way.

5. Record your progress.

Whether you use Google Docs, a spreadsheet, or HubSpot, make sure you keep clear records of your progress. How else can you maintain hundreds of relationships if you don’t keep notes?

Your Next Steps to Get Your Mind Right (in Sales)

The key to getting your mind right is practicing the right behaviours.

Practice the five secrets religiously, and then make sure you stay active.

If you do, you’re guaranteed to make the next sale.

And the momentum this creates will feed your mindset.

Success breeds success, and success starts with the right behaviours.

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How to build your sales mindset

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