Improving processes? Start with serving internal customers.

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Posted: June 6, 2012

As I see it, everyone communicates with their customer, however we often only service those customers who are external to our organization. More importantly, only those dealing with the direct public are ever educated in proper customer service techniques (and even those are rarely put into practice as they are intended).

I know, for example, that when I drop off a document at the courier office, the individual accepting my parcel is likely one of at least fifteen people who will touch the parcel before it ever arrives at the final destination. Do you think everyone along this chain treats each other with the same rapid response and respect that I received at the front desk? Likely not.

Imagine then if everyone within an organization was made clear on who their customer was and how to best respond in order to meet their customers requirements. It seems to me that process efficiency, communication and team engagement would sky rocket!

If you are trying to increase internal process efficiency, try instilling a customer service philosophy with internal peer groups. Internal process efficiency will improve without ever looking at a process.

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