Inspirational leadership: Mostly art with no science

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Posted: April 23, 2014

Are you an inspirational leader? As a leader, how we act, react and respond in all situations (both on the job and off) forms the basis for the culture of the organization.

Are you inspiring to your employees? More importantly, do you set the stage for employees who are motivated by your approach to work, life and the world around us?

In this short video I outline the key attributes of leaders who inspire based on my work with companies and leaders around the globe. Listen carefully to identify and reflect upon how you measure up against these attributes and how you might become more inspiring.

Inspirational Leadership Attributes

There are a few additional ideas I would like you to consider as they pertain to your relationship with employees and their perceptions of you as a leader.

1. Employees are empowered by leaders who force them to consider how to respond to challenges and opportunities. “Telling” employees what they should do results in their asking more questions.

2. Employees formulate their responses to stressful or difficult situations based on how they perceive their leader would adapt.

3. Inspirational leaders are encouraging and influential. Their messages and approach put employees at ease, resulting in a proactive and rewarding culture.

Are you inspirational?

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