Integrate Millennials for a stronger team

Millennials are the predominant generation working today. To integrate millennials into a workforce in which two previously dominant generations already co-existed (i.e. Generation X and the Babyboomers) is a challenge.

Fortunately leaders of Unstoppable Organizations have learned how to make this a seamless transition while capitalizing on the strengths of each generation.

Integrate Millennials

With more Millennials entering the workforce today, many leaders struggle with how to integrate them into their team. New ideas, new energy and a unique view of what a team should look and function like is creating shifts in how teams collaborate.

Leaders today are faced with the challenge of creating a multi-generational team that is aligned and collaborative. All this while ensuring they motivate and inspire the younger generation.

Is there a solution to this unique never before experienced problem? Can leaders integrate millennials in a way that actually increases the performance of their team?

The answer is yes.

In this video I share a question related to the challenge of integrating millennials. I also share some unique exercises you can use with your team, regardless of their age, in order to improve collaboration and ensure your team functions effectively.

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