How to Keep Customers Happy in Times of Disruption

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Posted: March 19, 2020

There’s no doubt that we are facing some unprecedented times in our history. Entrepreneurs and business owners are faced with the challenge of how to keep customers in times of disruption.

This said, the decline of business and consumer spending has been steeper than the toboggan hill I spent time at as a child!

Fortunately, however, reflecting on history also provides us with insights for the future.
We know from history that the current circumstances will pass.

History tells us that all crashes in markets and consumer/customer demand rebound.

Customers will still need our services and products, although possibly delivered by a different means.
Keep Customers in times of disruption

What’s important, then, is to consider what we should focus our energy and attention on during these times, rather than allowing them to be consumed by the media and the chaos that surrounds us.

We need to put everything we have into keeping customers happy in times of disruption.

Now is not the time to trim staff or cut back on your customer’s experience.

This said, there are some primary questions to consider.

Create Your Plan to Keeping Customers Happy in Times of Disruption.

  1. What should we be doing right now that will protect our business?
  2. How can we support our customers during these challenging times?
  3. What can we do that will put us in a position of strength when things rebound?

If we focus our energy and attention on our customers and their current and emerging needs, our relationships will strengthen. If we do so from a place of genuine concern and empathy, our long-term sales will only increase.

Emerge Stronger.

It may seem difficult to focus on getting new customers when there is such disruption that surrounds us. Investing time in determining how you can connect with and help your existing customers will ensure that your business remains stable.

More importantly, you’ll be ahead of your competition when the disruption subsides.


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Keep Customers in times of disruption

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