Misdirected Marketing Reduces Customer Retention

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Posted: September 12, 2013

I may have mentioned here somewhere that we recently purchased a new vehicle from Nissan for my wife. Our one and only Nissan in the family.

Yesterday I received a flyer from the local dealership where we bought our Nissan that was addressed to me.

Dear Mr. Casemore,

Now is the best time to get new all season radial tires for your Nissan.”

Now let me ask you, do you think I will be running over to Nissan for tires in the future, or will I remember this inadvertently directed mail which in turn will diminish any possible feelings I have of being a valued customer?

So I ask you.

Are your marketing campaigns personalized and valuable, or just an exercise in sending out mail? If it’s the later then save your time and money because you are hurting your customers more than you are helping them.

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