Mitigating Mother Nature.

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Posted: November 29, 2011

Tis the time of year for inclement weather. Unexpected rain, wind and unfortunately snow, can make for difficult driving conditions. While arriving late for work may not be detrimental to your business, delayed deliveries of freight and other supplies may be.

Plan ahead and implement the following three tips to ensure customers remain satisfied despite mother natures influence:

1. Take a lesson from airports: Despite the perpetuity of airline delays during inclement weather, the airlines are effective (typically) at reporting delays and maintaining up to date information. Make it a habit of mentioning to customers that there may be weather related delays. This will bring any urgent matters to light, and prepare the customer in the event delays are actually incurred.

2. Increase inventory. Yes, this is likely the only time you will hear me say this, however for critical components, material or supplies, increase minimum inventory levels to ensure business continuity is not impacted by unexpected delays.

3. Call a courier. In the event of unforeseen material or supply shortages, you can often rely on courier companies, either local or international, to maintain consistent delivery schedules. Now is the time to dig out phone numbers and touch base with old contacts to be sure they are prepared to support your needs.

Implementing these 3 simple steps is an easy means to mitigate risk and ensure the inevitable inaccuracy of the weatherman will have no impact on your continued business success.

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