Poor performance is the plague.

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Posted: April 9, 2014

Engaging employees requires quick action. In essence feedback, either positive or constructive must be provided quickly and decisively if it is going to have an effect on employee behavior. The same then holds true for dealing with poor performing employees. Speed and decisiveness result in a diminished impact and higher engagement of the balance of employees.

In the following video I provide several proven techniques to manage poor performing employees, the least of which is speed. Review the video and then take a minute to answer the questions below, I would love to hear your responses in the discussion panel.

Questions to consider:

1. Are your employees meeting your expectations? If not, have you clearly identified what those expectations are and confirmed employees understand what you expect to see change and by when?

2. Of those employees who do not meet your expectations, how frequently are you providing them feedback on their performance, good or otherwise? Are they clear on where they stand with you? Do they recognize the impact they are having on other employees?

3. Are poor performing employees having an impact on the morale and productivity of other employees? Have you asked other employees how the performance of less than adequate employees affects their engagement in the business or department?

Dealing with poor performance is uncomfortable for anyone, however it has to be dealt with in a timely fashion. Take some time to consider your poor performers and then formulate a plan and speak to them today. What have you got to loose other than headache?

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