Shawn’s Friday Five: Five ways to improve your productivity.

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Posted: May 10, 2013

1. Spend more time listening to others than talking. You will be seen as more polite (leading to improved relationships) and you will learn a tremendous amount about the other person. Knowledge is power.

2. Overcome your personal filters. Whether you know it or not how you communicate is filtered by your personality style and behavioral styles, and influenced by your cultural and generational preferences. Put yourself in the shoes of others with whom you communicate to reduce the impact of your personal filters.

3. What’s in the other person’s best interest? Always put yourself in the shoes of the other person? If you consider what’s in their best you will be in a much better position to engage, motivate and (if required) influence the other person.

4. Always look for the positive. We often approach discussions waiting to pounce on the other person when they slip up or say something that we can disagree with. Try expecting the best from others. You will find less tension in your discussions, and you just might be surprised at the positive outcomes.

5. A realist is a pessimist in disguise. If you call yourself anything but an optimist, you are a pessimist. Plain and simple. Whether the glass is half full or half empty, there is enough to quench your thirst. Drink up!

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