Small Oversights Will Kill Your Business

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Posted: September 17, 2013

In Canada the brand Tim Horton’s is infamous for rapid and cost effective fast food. I have found however that despite how many Tim Horton’s I visit across Canada, very few have had dryers that actually dry your hands. With all of the technology available today in hand dryers one would think installing new hand dryers across a business that prides itself in a “Welcoming Home” their customers would be a fairly simple and relatively low cost improvement, particularly when you consider that washing hands is something that all Tim Horton’s employees and virtually everyone of their customers will do.

I call this a customer experience oversight.

Tim Horton’s is so intensely focused on marketing new products and services to stay ahead of their competition, that they have completely missed improving upon a very basic tenant of their customer service experience.

What are the basic elements of your customers experience? Does each element project the image and feelings you intend? What improvements have you been delaying that would improve your customers overall experience?

Once you attract a customer you need to keep them. Doing so requires a consistently high quality (and steadily improving) customer experience. How are you ensuring you maximize your customers experience?

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