Stop digging a hole and focus on the bigger picture.

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Posted: March 1, 2011

Following a recent snow storm we found a large area of our front lawn had been dug up.  With the recent high winds, some areas of our lawn have grass visible and it appeared that our neighbor’s dog, Rex, believed that something of interest was just below the surface of our grass.  With each new snow fall the dig site is covered, but Rex always seems to figure out where he left off, quickly regaining lost ground and digging frantically with a renewed focus.

This dedication and focus on the task at hand is admirable, but has no vision or objective (other than to irritate neighbors) and will ultimately lead to his disappointment.

I witness on a daily basis those who, like Rex, become focused on the task at hand, determined to solve the issue or meet the challenge while forgetting about other circumstances around them.   Having this form of tunnel vision can provide enough energy to meet certain goals and targets, but at what cost if we are disregarding other important information and issues that surround us?

I cannot imagine that digging a hole through snow and frozen grass is a pleasant task for Rex.  His paws must become cold, the going is slow, and most importantly there is no means to display his accomplishment once the next snow storm rolls around.

So the next time you are focused on achieving a goal or objective, remember to have a broad perspective, recognize and plan around other events in your environment, and for goodness sake, stay off your neighbor’s lawn.

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