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Posted: January 20, 2020

I was facilitating a virtual two-day Unstoppable Organization Sales Intensive with a longstanding client last week.

They had been experiencing stronger sales so we were focused on what had changed.

We initially spent time determining exactly what was working and what was different.

The ingredients to this exercise would feed their sales plan moving forward.

stronger sales

An interesting point that the President brought up was that they had recently had very strong sales.

When we explored what the factors were that may have led to the stronger sales, there wasn’t any clear conclusion.

At least that’s what the client had chalked up as the reason.

At the end of the day what they were doing was the same as what they had always done, or so they thought.

It seemed that on the surface the increase in sales was the result of pure luck.

Not a strategy to hang your hat on.

Luck Doesn’t Bring Stronger Sales.

Personally, I’m not a believer in luck.

I think results, and most importantly making sales, is purely a numbers game.

When we dug further, it became apparent that there a few minor changes that had been introduced.

Where The Gold Is.

You see, after helping companies ramp up their sales, align their teams, and create fanatical customers for nearly 15 years, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that different outcomes are always the result of a series of small changes or shifts.

If you are experiencing stronger sales, there is a reason… in fact, there are typically several seemingly insignificant reasons why the sales have occurred.

Your job, then, is to reverse-engineer the sales process and identify what is different.

Once you’ve identified what’s different, you can then replicate and test to determine which factors had the greatest influence.

As I mentioned earlier, sales come as a direct result of playing the numbers in your favor.

You should always be vigilant as to what “the right things” are.

After all, customer contacts change, the market changes, your employees change…

Heck even “the right things” that lead to new sales can change.

The Right Things That Support Stronger Sales in Your Business

What are the right things that support sales in your business?

How well is your team playing the numbers?

If you want to increase your sales moving forward, you need to constantly assess what steps lead to your best sales.

Sprinkle these ingredients across all areas of your sales process, and watch your sales grow!



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