3 Ways to Get More New Customers [Best Guide!]

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Posted: January 30, 2020

If you want to increase your sales (and who doesn’t?), the best method is to add new customers. You might argue that finding and adding new customers is too difficult or costly, but that’s where you’re wrong…

New customers are waiting to work with you

are three ways you can find new customers without spending any money

If you follow a system like our coaching clients do, one that engages everyone in your ecosystem, including your employees, your contractors, and even your existing customers, suddenly the time and effort it takes to find and close new customers becomes a moot point.

You can find new customers without spending any money finding them.

If you have employees, get those that interact with your customers on a regular basis (like sales, customer service, reception) to do the lion’s share of the work.

Increase sales using these three strategies:

  1. Ask every customer that you have today who they might recommend you connect with that you can help. Spread this out to connecting with 10 customers per week (preferably on the telephone, followed by an email).
  2. Reach out to every customer you’ve had in the past year, using the same method as above. Let them know you’ve missed working with them and ask for a quick favor. Then, similar to above, ask them who they’d suggest you reach out to that you might be able to help. If the relationship ended in a negative way, start with an apology for how things turned out, then follow the steps above.
  3. Contact every vendor and contractor that you purchase products or services from. Describe your ideal customer and then ask them to consider any companies they think you might be able to help. If they need time to think about it, suggest you follow up with them in a week, then pick a date and time for a follow-up call.

In every example above, the more of your employees you can involve, the less time you will need to spend.

In addition to finding referrals, you’ll also find yourself with new business that will come from taking the time to connect with existing and past customers, without actually trying to sell them something.

How many of these ideas can you implement this week?



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are three ways you can find new customers without spending any money

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