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Posted: November 10, 2016

I was once catching a flight out of Winnipeg and I met Gavriella. At the age of twenty-two Gavriella emigrated from Israel to Canada in search of freedom and the opportunity to live a life that she perceived impossible if she remained in Israel. Our paths crossed when Gavriella, working at a kiosk in the airport lounge selling credit cards, asked if I was interested in upgrading to a travel points card. We laughed once she realized that I was already a predominant client of the bank she represented.

I’ve always had respect for those practicing “direct sales” as success requires a high degree of confidence and tenacity, combined with a strong sense of self worth. If you can’t find opportunities in rejection, you can never be successful in direct sales

During our brief discussion I learned that Gavriella had emigrated from Israel to Toronto about two years ago, relocating to Winnipeg in the past month to meet up with her parents who had just recently emigrated.

Reflecting on our discussions during my return flight to Toronto, I realized that by the young age of twenty-five, Gavriella had already left her family and friends to immigrate to a new country, and after perceivably becoming comfortable in Toronto, had once again packed her bags and relocated to a new province, taking on employment in perceivably one of the most challenging careers in existence.

At a very young age, Gavriella was not only clear on a vision for her life, but she had proven through her actions that she had the courage and confidence to take significant steps towards its attainment. In essence she had done more by the age of twenty-five to achieve her goals then most ever accomplish in a lifetime.

Are you clear on the vision for your life; for your career; or for your business?

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What is stopping you from overcoming those obstacles?

If it’s courage you seek, take a page from Gavriella’s book. Courage and confidence grow as we prove to ourselves what we are capable of achieving. What are you doing to achieve your vision?

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