Why Isn’t Your Team Creative?

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Posted: January 16, 2017

How much team work is required to ensure a commercial flight is successful? As a frequent flyer I’m always amazed at the level of effort that is required to get each flight off the ground. Each passenger experience requires no less than dozens if not hundreds of people to make the experience a success. The best passenger experiences result when employees are encouraged to be creative.

Pillows and Process

During a recent late flight back to Toronto after an exhausting week, I attempted to purchase a seat in first class. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful, so I politely asked the stewardess if I could simply have a pillow for my lower back (as I could see extra pillows in the overhead compartment at the front of the plane).

“I’m sorry sir, those pillows are saved for our first class passengers – it’s company policy.”

No doubt a true statement, but really?

An abundance of policies and procedures are not always a good thing. Sure they promote consistency and safety in how work is completed, but there are some downfalls to consider.
In this week’s video I share how policies and procedures actually diminish an employees ability to be creative. Inspiration and motivation result when team members are inspired and encouraged to think outside the box.


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