The Cost of Procrastination

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Posted: February 1, 2016

With my first book Operational Empowerment doing quite well with CEOs and Executives, I’ve been thinking a lot about my second book. I have the idea and numerous examples to support the idea, yet I’ve yet to write more than a couple of pages. I’ve told myself several times that I’m just too busy to write the second book, and the more I tell myself the more I use this excuse with others who often ask what my second book will be about.

Did you notice I said this was an “excuse?” That’s exactly what I’m doing, creating an excuse.

You see time is a limited resource. There are only 24 hours in every day, and what we choose to do with these hours is a matter of how we prioritize our personal and professional priorities.

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So let me ask you an honest question. What are you not able to “get too?” What are you too busy to work on despite it being a priority? If you’re still unsure, consider these questions:

Which customers have you been meaning to visit? 

What changes to pricing, terms or fees have you avoided introducing? 

What’s been on your list for the past month but you just haven’t found time to get to it?

We are all immersed in busy-work, administrative tasks that provide little support in achieving our objectives, be they personal or professional. The key is to stop thinking, stop coming up with excuses and simply take the actions to move things forward.

Here’s the kicker. If we can’t manage ourselves in this manner, how will we ever expect our employees to take consistent and meaningful actions? You set expectations for your employees through your actions. Run around unfocused and at a hectic pace and you should in turn expect your employees to be doing the same.

Scary thought isn’t it. The single greatest expense in your business mightn’t be productive as a result of their observations of you. The true cost of procrastination really starts to add up doesn’t it?

If you are looking for ideas to overcome procrastination that is in turn impacting your employees, check out chapter 2 of my book titled “A Foundation for Growth and Profitability.”

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