The Little-Known Secret to Wowing Your Customers

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Posted: August 19, 2019

Ever wonder what the little-known secret is to wowing your customers?

I often work with my private coaching clients on creating a “wow” experience for their customers.  It’s the first key step to growing their business.

After all, if you can’t keep a customer, your business won’t last long.

What would a “wowing your customers” experience look like for your customers?

wow customers

You may have an employee in shipping, or quality, or maybe in reception. All of these people are coming in contact with your existing AND new customers. Shouldn’t they recognize how their words, actions, or lack thereof can influence the growth of your business?

Of course, they should!

After all, we both know that a business that isn’t growing… well, let’s just say, it won’t last long.

But what, might you ask, should we do to align our team around our business growth objectives? After all, when you hired your receptionist, you never told her she would have to sell!

Let’s begin with the end in mind. We aren’t asking everyone to sell. In fact, if you don’t make this clear at the very beginning, you’ll actually scare a lot of your employees away.

No, we aren’t adding more sales staff here, we are simply recognizing, acknowledging, and planning for powerful and positive interactions with our customers.

Let me give you an example.

Your receptionist (you do have someone answering the phones, don’t you?) can provide not only a positive greeting but can actually help your customer beyond simply transferring the call.

Better yet, try providing a script to help your receptionist quickly answer some of the most common questions they hear. Examples might include basic warranty or guarantee questions, access to schedules to confirm availability or book appointments, etc.

Here’s an advanced strategy for you.

What if you gave your receptionist some questions they could ask callers to confirm the value of their experience? For one of my clients, we had their receptionist ask the simple question of “What can we do to provide you with a better experience?”

Responses to these questions were then reviewed weekly with several key departments, logged into the CRM database, and a follow-up personalized letter along with a gift certificate was mailed to the caller as a “thanks” for participating and sharing their insight.

With this feedback, we were able to:

  • Continuously provide insight into how to improve our customers’ experience
  • Avoid debates on “what” specifically the customers were wanting or needing
  • Fuel new customer leads by capturing contact information of non-customers who called
  • Empower the receptionist to feel like a valuable part of the team

This is just one example of one role. Can you imagine the power this would have if done with all positions and roles within your business?

Try this with some of your customer-facing positions to see what you can introduce to improve your customers’ experience.


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wow customers

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