What Are Your Customers Experiencing?

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Posted: September 6, 2019

Unfortunately, you don’t know what your customers are experiencing during their interactions with your employees.

I was recently trying to check out at a large retail store. It was somewhat early in the morning, about 8 am on a Saturday, so cashiers were just getting set up and there was only one lane open.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem…

Today, however, there was someone who appeared to be a supervisor discussing a concern with an employee, and they were standing at the entrance to the check-out—the only check-out—and there was no way around them.

I did what any normal customer would do and pulled my cart within a couple of feet, politely waiting and presuming they would move to the right, or left, or somewhere other than where they were.

I was wrong.

They continued the conversation, their voices steadily rising (apparently with frustration). They both looked my way several times, but never acknowledged or apologized… or moved.

After five minutes, I was getting impatient. Nearing the ten-minute mark, I was ready to walk. However, fortunately, they moved. Again, however, no formal acknowledgement or apology… at all

So what do you think my impression is of this retail store? What would your impression be?

customer experience

Unfortunately, you don’t know what your customers are experiencing during their interactions with your employees. Presumably, they’re all positive, but how can you be sure?

One way is to secretly shop your business. Call in, stop by, or even send someone incognito to determine what they are experiencing.

In this instance, my guess is neither the supervisor nor the employee meant any harm or ill-doing, but they were clearly more focused on their issues than on me, the customer. And that is a problem.

Wowing your customers begins with ensuring every interaction is a positive one, regardless of the customer’s circumstances or personality. By shopping your business, you can identify gaps and take rapid action to resolve or improve every experience.

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