Think Big or Go Home

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Posted: August 21, 2015

As a teenager, I was obsessed with going to the gym. Being one of the scrawnier kids in my grade, I took it upon myself to gain muscle, in order to be more active in sports and to build my confidence.

My motto back then was “go big or go home.” Looking back I realize that the slogan I followed left no grey areas. I wasn’t going to be satisfied with just gaining a few pounds; I was fully committed and all in, all the time.

It was through this sheer motivation and commitment that I successfully added about 20lbs of muscle during my mid-teen years. Back then, I spent time before each workout planning and setting goals – from what types of exercises I would do, to how much I would lift. Time after workouts was spent taking notes on my progress and planning meals. I was back then what they called a “gym rat.”

Fortunately, the success I achieved through these practices was something I learned at a young age, and in turn have provided me with the knowledge and recognition that I, and in fact, anyone can achieve what they want if they simply put their mind to it.

Today, I help many of my coaching clients instill this very approach into their business, although the message has changed slightly. When it comes to business my motto is “Think Big or Go Home.” Put simply, if you aren’t trying to grow your business, then the laws of atrophy will ensure it slowly erodes over time, whether you like it or not.

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Do you think big enough when it comes to your business?

How are you planning to grow your business, this week, this month and this year?

How do you remain motivated when times are tough and how do you keep your team motivated?

The approach is, in essence, quite simple. Similar to the approach I used to achieve a goal of gaining muscle.

1. Create a plan with big goals.

2. Be ruthless in your pursuit of your goals

3. Reassess and adjust constantly.

You see, anything is possible if you just put your mind to it, so I ask you again.

Are you thinking big? If you’re not, you might as well go home.


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