Future Focus: Time To Turn The Page.

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Posted: December 23, 2011

I ended off the year with a “bang,” so to speak, having spent the earlier part of this week with my mentor Dr. Alan Weiss. I have found that there is nothing so rewarding as spending the last few days of the year visiting those who will challenge our thinking and expand your goals for the coming year.

Here are the three lessons I have learned and continue to apply as I prepare for the New Year:

1. Reward: The rewards in life are those things that very few of us consider. Time with family, friends and colleagues are means by which to recharge; obtain a fresh perspective; and gain a sense of how short life truly is.

2. Change: Life is full of surprises and often unforeseen change. Attempting to shelter ourselves from change simply serves to create a greater perceived impact. Forcing oneself to become comfortable with change increases our ability to quickly adapt, and reduces the influence unforeseen change has on our life. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

3. Perception: Life is as we perceive it to be. That is, if we believe there are no solutions, no opportunities, then in fact there will be none. Our perception becomes our reality, hence we must first decide who we wish to be, then take the necessary actions (despite difficulty) to manifest the change.

Despite the many challenges we must all deal with, keep in mind the brevity of life, the value of friendship and the unabated love and support of family.

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