Why you aren’t as Successful as you Could Be

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Posted: January 31, 2014

Unsolicited feedback from other people is the single greatest detriment to our success, yet we often accept it.


Well we’ve been programmed to accept the opinions and views of others since birth, mostly to be perceived as “polite” and in some instances to ensure diversity in our decisions. Consider for example that we are taught during childhood to conform to what our “teachers” and “parents” tell us.

Have you ever met a teacher later in life that you wondered exactly how they had been successful as a teacher? Have you ever found that some of your parents advice did not support your life and was more reflective of decisions made in times gone past?

We need to validate our decisions against our own beliefs, experience, knowledge and intuition, and then move forward.

So the next time you are offered opinions or views that you haven’t solicited, offer brief appreciation and then feel free to completely disregard the feedback. On the other hand if you prefer to be polite and spend time considering the feedback that’s your choice, however I guarantee doing such will only cloud the clarity of your thoughts and lead to further delays in tacking action to realize your vision

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