Your Supervisors Are Unconscious

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Posted: June 6, 2016

Have you ever completed a self-assessment such as DiSC, Strengths Finder or Myers Briggs? If you have, the biggest take away that you likely had is that

[Tweet “Who you are (your behavior, thoughts, ideas) are unique to you.”]

Now it’s important that I mention that although I do use assessments such as these to help drive awareness, it’s important to remain cautious not to paint ourselves, or others for that matter, into a corner. As human beings we are complex, and no assessment will address all dimensions of our complexity.

So let me ask you… Have you done some assessments with your supervisors, your managers or your executives? If you have, how often have you reminded them that their perceptions are uniquely theirs (and may not actually reflect the reality of others)?

It’s been my experience that most front line leaders of any business, big or small, product or service based, are simply not aware of the personal biases that they possess. Put another way, either they haven’t done an assessment that helps them better understand their own personal perceptions, or if they have, there hasn’t been any effort to remind them of the relevance of the assessment.

If they haven’t done an assessment, are they aware of the influences of how they speak, act and think when it comes to interacting with your employees? Your suppliers? What about your customers?

If you do nothing else this week, have your front line leaders complete an assessment. There are dozens (many free!) that can drive awareness. You owe it to yourself, your employees, and of course your customers to help those who are leading the troops fully understand their own perceptions and biases.

The results can only be positive.

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