Is Your Work Enjoyable Or Are You Always Wanting Time Off Work?

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Posted: June 8, 2016

People often look forward to the end of the work day or a day off. I’m sure you’ve often heard the following statements:

Are you off today?

I’m going to be off…

I’m looking forward to a day off!

Those statements, always start with “I’m going to be off” (work, presumably) and ends with a positive statement, something the person enjoys.

That, my friends, is depressing…

[Tweet “There’s this general theory amongst the majority of the population that work is not enjoyable.”]

This mentality is passed down to the next generation.

“I’m looking forward to a day off” means they are looking forward to being off of work. But what if they enjoy their work (people, boss, work space, tasks)? Do they really enjoy being off?

There is an important point I want to suggest to you…

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When you have a passion for what you do you feel driven and have a reduced amount of stress related to work than those who do not enjoy their work.

Think about how you can instill happiness, passion, excitement and enthusiasm in your work environment. Companies who are the highest performing are those who have employees who aren’t looking for time off and enjoy being at work.

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