Are You Appreciative for What You Have?

This past Monday was Thanksgiving for all of my Canadian friends and family; a time to laugh and enjoy the company of those who matter most. During family holidays the often hectic pace of being an entrepreneur washes into the background as I find myself surrounded by those that matter the most; in effect those that motivate me (whether they know it or not) to do what I do.

The reality is that taking time out to pause, to reflect, and to cherish all that we have shouldn’t be something only done on family holidays. Taking time on a daily basis to appreciate all that we have is a critical component to the success of any CEO, executive, or entrepreneur.

During a seminar last year, when asked what entrepreneurs could do in order to be more appreciative of what they have, Dr. Martin Seligman said that by simply taking a few minutes at the end of each day to reflect on what an individual is thankful for is often all that it takes in order to be more appreciative.

Are you appreciative for what you have? More importantly, have you taken time to appreciate all that you’ve accomplished?

Try taking the advice of Dr. Seligman and make it a daily ritual to reflect on all that you’re appreciative for. I do.

You’ll find that you feel better and think more clearly about what matters when making decisions and considering how to best invest your time.

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