How A Personal Brand Supports Business Growth

In this week’s episode of Growth Inspired, I have the privilege of interviewing my long-time colleague, Marketing and Branding expert Dorie Clark. Dorie is most well known for her books Stand Out and Reinventing You, and frequently speaks at Harvard. In this episode, Dorie explains why entrepreneurs, executives and business owners need to focus not only on building and managing their organization’s brand, but also their personal brand. She shares tips on how to create and nurture a personal brand, and how to use your brand to drive and sustain perpetual growth.

Enjoy the episode, and send me an email with examples of how your brand has supported growth in your business. I’d love to hear from you:

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Learn more about Dorie, her background and her work
  • Why everyone needs a personal brand, even if you work within a company
  • Why you don’t want to tie your personal brand too closely to the brand of your company
  • Dorie’s ‘secret sauce’ to growing a business (it’s not what many would say!)
  • How to make people want to seek you out – show people rather than tell
  • Why Dorie is a huge fan of prioritization, and how it helps you grow your business

Interested in learning how to build your brand as a leader? Pick up Dorie’s FREE 42-page Self-Assessment Workbook found at her website:

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